I Ditched My Safe And Secure Government Cubicle For World Travel And Time Freedom

Hi! I'm Kristy Cohen, and if you're currently dreaming about how to escape your 9-to-5 job, I feel your pain. I followed the expected path for my life for a while too - I graduated college with degrees in English and Spanish and then got a good job working for the Department of Defense. (Yep, I passed a polygraph test and got Top Secret security clearance!) I did well in my position as a language analyst and was being considered for promotion into a special new department that had just been formed (sorry, I can't say more than that ;))... 

But I was miserable.

I was only 24 and could feel my joy and my soul being slowly drained by sitting at that desk all day, looking back and forth between a sheet of paper and my computer screen.

I was newly married to my best friend, Joshua, and I had already taken multiple weeks of vacation time without pay so that we could travel and enjoy our lives.  
I knew in my heart that I wasn't cut out for spending the next 40 years of my life in my cubicle, even if it would give me the security, benefits, and retirement that I was supposed to idealize as the pinnacle of the American lifestyle.

So I stunned my bosses and quit my job, and Joshua and I moved to sunny San Diego to start creating the life we actually wanted to live.

We started learning the ropes of entrepreneurship and online marketing, originally focusing on affiliate marketing for other products and opportunities.  The years we spent growing our knowledge and skills as affiliate marketers gave us a strong foundation for starting our own business in 2016.
We used our knowledge of marketing strategies to turn our focus outward and share everything that we've learned about online marketing, especially with sales funnels. We are passionate about helping other aspiring entrepreneurs to create a life of freedom and adventures, and I know that having a strong sales funnel that automates your business is a crucial step in making that dream come true.

I have now worked with 300+ clients to build high-converting funnels and develop sound marketing strategies to help them launch their big ideas, and to create and sell high-ticket courses, products, and coaching programs.
No matter what industry you're in, a funnel can help you grow a thriving business online and create the free and abundant life you desire. I am excited to help you achieve those goals and dreams!

My goal is to eliminate the overwhelm and confusion that many people feel when they're getting started with online marketing. I help entrepreneurs to move forward with clarity into their business, feeling confident that they have the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in converting clicks into revenue. 

You Have HOW MANY Children?!

So in addition to living and breathing sales funnels, I am a mom... of 6 (SIX!!) amazing children! We also have our fur baby, Einstein, a 14-year-old shih tzu - poodle mix!

Joshua and I absolutely love our big family - we have 4 girls and 2 boys, and they fill our lives with joy and laughter. They are our "why" for pressing on as entrepreneurs, even during the hard times.  We are so thankful to be home with them each day and to have the time freedom to soak up every moment with them during their childhood.

We've continued to travel with our children, living as a digital nomad family and taking them on cross-country road trips, as well as living abroad in countries around the world.
Our children have traveled through and lived in:
  • Ireland (all over! It's our favorite place in the world)
  • Italy (Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, Tuscany)
  • France (Paris and Nice)
  • ​Germany (Berlin)
  • ​Spain (Barcelona and Mallorca)
  • ​Canary Islands (Tenerife)
  • ​Israel (we spent two months exploring the entire country!)
  • ​Thailand (Chiang Mai)
  • ​Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Penang island)
  • ​Bali (aka paradise!)
  • ​Hawaii
  • ​Las Vegas
  • ​California (San Diego and San Francisco)
  • ​Austin, Texas

    If I WERE To Have Spare Time...

    So I rarely get a chance to catch my breath between family life and building funnels, but I genuinely enjoy working out and try to get to the gym most days.  I ran a half-marathon in 2020 and am training again now, just for fun (I know, I think it's crazy too!).

    I also love to bake, and now I have lots of little helpers to assist me in the kitchen, so it's even more fun.  We make scones most Saturday mornings and go all out in December making many batches of Christmas cookies. 

    For entertainment, I voraciously read YA and fantasy books on my phone, and on the rare occasion that I'm alone in the evening, I will scroll through Netflix for a while and then end up re-watching Arrested Development because it's always hilarious!
    I am passionate in my love for 90s rock and always enjoy live music.  And now that our girls are starting to get older, I'm really excited that we can share more interests together, like having the same favorite bands and going together to see them in concert! Our family are big fans of Twenty One Pilots, so their concert was a perfect first show for our two oldest... and unquestionably a better display of musicianship than the Limp Bizkit show I went to as my first concert 🤣.  

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